Global Family Day

Date of Global Family Day

Global Family Day is celebrated on 01, January.


The International Family Day is a day of sharing and peace, which is celebrated on January 1 at the United Nations and in different countries as a world day for peace and participation.

Background of Global Family Day

The exact data is not mentioned anywhere but it is believed that this Day begins with the proclamation of the United Nations General Assembly’s first year of the millennium to start the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World in 1997. This resulted in the celebration of One Day in Peace and, consequently.


On this day,

  • Individuals and families sharing food with their friends (especially needed persons)
  • Offering personal guarantees of non-violence
  • Spreading the message of peace, by ringing bells and drums, in the hope of making the world and society a safer place to live.

World Family Day became the United Nations Millennium Celebration, a day of peace.

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